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Welcome To SKYNET,
We’re so glad you’re here! You are now part of a growing community of professional, Learners creating, collaborating, and connecting across the Nepal via our different product.
Whether you’ve joined to create your career or for learning something valuable or just to connect with other professionals, we’ve got something for you.

OUR cOMpanys

SKYNET Products:  

We are entering into all services everyday. currently, we offer following products which helps you in daily life to be easier. we are deticated to met our goal by improving our services and its category.

Mission Vision and Goal 


To empower people to acquire, demonstrate articulate and value knowledge band skill that will support them as life long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practice the core values of education : respect, tolerance, Inclusion and excellence.


learn -Earn-Grow with Life long Education


To Deliver our service all over Nepal by 2082B.S .

Chairman Message 

Hey there, my name is Dipak. I’m the founder of the SKYNET Group

I, on behalf of the Members at the Board of Directors, have the pleasure to welcome all our esteemed shareholders and Client on this March 14 occasion of the 1st Annual General Meeting of SKYNET Group Pvt. Ltd. . We are delighted, encouraged and impressed at your participation in this Annual General Meeting . Your spontaneous participation with taking trouble in long road journey manifests itself of your confidence on the Company, Thank you all.
Meanwhile, I believe you will get a comprehensive view from the Directors’ report and to assess the financial position of the Company. I assure you that we shall always be with you and your Investment will always be secured. I presume the performance of the business operation during the year under review was more than satisfactory.
Our strong operating segment, the Group service. This strong performance reflects innovation and good customer service. A brief comparison about the performance of the Company during the year 2010
l would like to express my profound gratitude to all our valued Shareholders, costumer and well-wishers of the company who extended their cooperation, suggestions & guidance in running the business successfully. I would also like to record my thanks to the employees of the Company for their dedicated services for growth of the Company.

Dipak Pokhrel

Why SKYNET Group ?

SKYNET Educational Institute was founded in 2010 with the goal of importing a modern educational system and meeting the educational needs of the old generation of people. With achievement of 12 years, SKYNET has started to provide more than 10+ Services. After those achievement we were started a new journey with SKYNET Group (P)Ltd. through Company Act 2063. 

Training with Placement

After a decade of educational excillence SKYNET is providing service in Training, Internship as well as Placement.  

Multi-sector Products 

With the moto of providing multi-sector services, We offer

  1. Institute
  2. Education
  3. InfoTech
  4. Consult
  5. Hospitality 
  6. Driving
  7. Event
  8. Digital
  9. Publication
  10. Job 
Learn | Earn | Grow

Our main priority is to provide advanced level learning, Secondly we focus on encouraging People to Earn which will help them grow and uplift their living standards. 


“We Shall Solve all Kinds of your Problems”

Say your will, We fulfill,

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Our Board of Directors 

Team Member Of SKYNET

All group of people have preferred in our services. After a grate success of 12 years, We have brought as multi purpose institution at SKYNET with expert team.  

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Aaitabre  Itahari ,Sunsari Nepal

Phone Number

025-584269 | 9842240051


Business Hours

Sun-fri from 7 am-5pm

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